How Can Traditional and Digital Marketing Work Together

We live in a digital age, where connecting to various brands or businesses via the internet is no longer unique. However, the pandemic COVID-19 undoubtedly hastened changes in the way we work, with a rise in digital communications on the horizon.

With the rising relevance of digital media in the field of marketing, unfortunately, many individuals believe that investing in additional internet approaches implies abandoning tried and tested old ways.

Traditional marketing techniques such as television commercials, print material, billboards, and mailings have historically had high success rates. Digital media, on the other hand, while still relatively young in comparison to the history of conventional media, may give firms maximum visibility and more contact with their customers. Marketing via social media, email lists, or internet advertisements is also less costly and more quantifiable than conventional media.

So, which technique is ideal for your marketing campaigntraditional or digital marketing? The argument has lasted a long time. And the solution may lay in developing a plan that combines the two and provides you with the most growth potential.

The most effective marketing tactics are a perfect combination of traditional and digital marketing. If you know how to combine these two elements, your brand will benefit greatly.

Combining both marketing strategies allows a firm to reach a larger audience and get more conversions. Businesses may profit from both digital and conventional marketing. While the majority of people are now online, traditional marketing still has clout in the marketing industry. This is due to the fact that not everyone is always online.

How can traditional and digital marketing work together?

When your business employs both marketing strategies, ensure that you reach your whole target demographic. Traditional-digital marketing makes it simple for customers to interact with a company. 

Here are a few ways how you can combine digital and traditional marketing together

Video Brochures

You might have scratched your head when you first heard the term “video brochures.” You may envision some gimmicky email marketing tool that generated video-enhanced emails for commercial purposes. That is not what video brochures are. We can now place a video screen inside a contact lens since video screen technology has gone so much. So, why not incorporate a printed brochure into a video?

Video brochures allow you to promote using video in an unexpected way. If a consumer or potential client brings this piece of tangible media home, people will notice it and be astonished when they open the brochure to see a high-quality video.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Imagine walking down the street and seeing instructions to the nearest pub float over you like real-life cartoons. This is the augmented reality of the future. But we’re not quite there yet. While that level of augmented reality is still a few years away due to prohibitively high prices, mobile augmented reality is currently available.

Pokemon Go and Wizards Unite has pushed the limits of what smartphone sensors and cameras can do. Then there’s Snapchat, with its picture filtering software that does a good job of enhancing human appearances.

Right now, augmented reality is arguably the simplest method to blend traditional and digital marketing. There are several app development suites available to assist you in creating your augmented reality app. Assume you sell furniture. You could simply build an augmented reality software that allows consumers to digitally position your furniture in their area.

Digital Events

Your customers might be located all over the world. That does not exclude you from inviting them to a party. Client gratitude events boost customer loyalty. Why not host a virtual party for your customers?

Send them each a package with sweets and maybe a Visa gift card to be used to purchase a beverage of their choosing. Then, decide on a time and day for the celebration. Allow them to participate in online games or a shared film viewing session via Skype or Hangouts or Zoom.

You could even host a virtual party in venues like Altspace VR or VRChat if your clients own VR gear.

Set up pop-ups

Set up a popup in a public place and invite your customers. A physical store has a lot of overhead. Operating online avoids this while increasing revenues. Customers, however, still want to have an in-person experience. A popup is the most effective way to obtain digital-traditional marketing.

Traditional and digital media may complement one another to make your company’s marketing strategy as effective as possible. Your firm may not be drawing all of its prospective consumers if you do not employ both forms of marketing. Using a digital-traditional advertising approach is beneficial in the experience economy because it connects your consumers’ online digital user experience with offline real-world experience, ensuring it is consistent.

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