Why Your Marketing Strategy Must Include WhatsApp?

Looking for a highly focused marketing strategy that will encourage you to have fruitful interactions with your customers? If so, why not try WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular messaging platforms, allowing users to text, call, and video call, submit voice memos and locations and create and share images, videos, and other files on mobile and desktop devices. It offers end-to-end security and unrestricted real-time connectivity with platform users. It has progressed from a text-based closed forum to a site where users can express their opinions and news with others. The calling functions have paved the way for global conversations, and the addition of various media formats has turned WhatsApp into a medium of entertainment as well.

The majority of advertisers believe that growing an audience on WhatsApp is difficult. However, if you already have your target audience list on your consumer data channels, along with email addresses, phone numbers, and other stuff, all you need to do is figure out if they use WhatsApp and invite them.

WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp Business, a devoted messaging app that allows companies to communicate with their customers through WhatsApp. Because of the growing number of users, as well as the rich multimedia networking opportunitiesWhatsApp is a forum that any company can use.

But, why you must include WhatsApp in your marketing strategy?

Although the WhatsApp chat platform provides a private and comfortable conversational room, advertisers are yet to fully embrace WhatsApp marketing. Here are some of the reasons why you should have a WhatsApp marketing strategy:

Widely Used Communication Platform

WhatsApp is a platform that links over two billion people worldwide, making it the most popular messaging app in the world today. The application has millions of monthly active users. For such a huge customer pool to appeal to, you will use it to connect 1:1 with your target markets in the right way.

Preference to Chat over Phone Calls

In any marketing strategy, reaching out to your target audience through their preferred channel is critical. It is important to use chat as effectively as possible when engaging with the target audiences. Having a brand account on WhatsApp ensures that you are still open to consumers and that they can contact you at their preferred time.

Your Target Audience is Already using the App

WhatsApp is gaining popularity among users all over the world, and advertisers are now confronted with two options. First and foremost, you sell to a foreign audience, so WhatsApp should be on the mind as soon as possible. Second, when you market to a worldwide audience, you have the chance to be an early adopter. Since WhatsApp has a worldwide user base, it is a go-to channel for a variety of viewer segments, whether you are advertising locally or globally.

Higher User Engagement

WhatsApp has unbelievable engagement rates as compared to other messaging apps. It can be said that on WhatsApp, advertisement messages are almost certainly going to be opened and read. WhatsApp status updates and read receipts have also increased customer interaction on the platform. You would also be able to communicate with your clients in real-time and have two-way talks, much as you would be physically present. This one-on-one contact makes the clients feel closer to you.

Permission-Based Marketing

Contrary to common opinion, WhatsApp marketing is feasible because it is not invasive. Instead, the network provides permission-based marketing. You cannot just go anywhere and look for or buy contacts. You may either ask them to exchange their phone number or contact you first. You value the users’ right to deny or accept your marketing message in all cases. As a result, you have a heavily segmented audience that is engaged in your marketing message

Personalized Conversations

Customers want a brand that provides personalized experiencesOne-on-one communication enables your company to cater to your customers’ specific preferences and needs. This increases the relevance and authenticity of your message. You can offer a customized service to your customers by using WhatsApp Business. As a result, it assists you in increasing customer loyalty and conversions.

Several features for Various Marketing Needs

Apart from personalized messages, WhatsApp has a plethora of features for advertisers to take advantage of, such as Groups, which put together like-minded individuals to exchange views and viewpoints; Broadcast, which sends a message to the broadcast list recipients; Status can be used in a range of ways, including making short videos for product presentations and sharing user experiences; Sharing links to the goods or services, PDFs or docs as case studies, online product samples, audio files educating consumers; and Calling can allow you to communicate with foreign customers through voice calls.

WhatsApp API for Various Business Requirements

WhatsApp Business apps are free and allow you to build business accounts, share websites, open hours, contact details, and automate welcome and away messages. For a charge, you can even integrate third-party chatbots. WhatsApp Business API is designed for big companies that want to deliver automatic alerts, reminders, and monitoring information to consumers while still charging for messages sent. This provides advertisers with unrivaled access to a highly active consumer base.

Improve Customer Experience with Customer Service 

Incorporating customer service into the WhatsApp marketing campaign will aid in the creation of excellent customer interactions. Chat can be used to resolve customer requests, provide inventory and distribution monitoring alerts, reach out to consumers via voice calls, and incorporate chatbots for a more streamlined service experience. Since email is an easy contact tool, you can reach out to your customers at any time and from any place.

It is FREE

WhatsApp marketing is free until you use the Business API or integrate third-party chatbots. That alone is good enough to take advantage of it. This platform’s unique selling point is that it is a free medium with a variety of services, a large and active user base, the freedom to distribute content on different media platforms, and the ability to communicate with consumers effortlessly.

WhatsApp is a fantastic marketing tool if you can raise brand awareness through other digital platforms such as social media, blogs, and so on. WhatsApp is an ideal platform for providing customer support, answering questions, exchanging FAQs, monitoring order fulfillment, and using conversational chatbots. Using the application to its full potential will assist you in providing outstanding consumer interactions.

So, start using WhatsApp to promote your brand, or business by including WhatsApp in your marketing strategy. The worth of using WhatsApp marketing strategy is more than you think. If you have not included WhatsApp in promoting your business, still is time, do not wait to start advertising on WhatsApp now. 

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