How to Increase Followers on Instagram

Nowadays, one of the most popular social media platforms is Instagram. With billions of users across the globe, it has been a competitive place to grow and boost your account as well as followers respectively.

But the question here is, how to do so, increase the followers on Instagram

Gaining followers on Instagram is no easy task. The top priority for any brand or business that uses Instagram to promote its product or services is to increase followers. It is not an overnight process, it takes time, but with some help from online marketing experts, you can see the results faster. 

Opportunely, there are a lot of Instagram growth tips and tricks that can be advantageous. Some of the ways to get more Instagram followers that are relevant and will genuinely help are as follows:

Have a Persuasive Bio 

The very first thing that any visitor would see is your profile bio. Hence, it is an essential part of you to make an impression on your audience. To encourage people to follow, you need to have a persuasive Instagram bio.   

One usually adds basic information such as website link, industry, and contact details, but you should engagingly add your brand’s story. Just mentioning what your business is all about will not help. If you genuinely want to get more followers, you need to give people a reason to follow you, which can be done when your Instagram bio is appealing.

Have a Progressive and Unique Brand Identity 

The next thing, what a person does is visit your Instagram feed after going through your bio. The impression the users get from looking at your Instagram feeds defines what they think about your brand.

It is important to have synchronizing posts that are to maintain uniformity in colors, tone of voice, types of posts, etc. as these aspects decide the identity of your brand. You should have posts that the users can easily associate with, this helps in building a connection.   

Using Appropriate Hashtags

One of the tried and tested ways to reach more audience as well as gain more Instagram followers, is to use hashtags. As you add hashtags it is important to research which hashtags to use as you cannot add random hashtags. Know the trending hashtags in your niche as well as which are appropriate for your content and brand. 

Make sure to mix up the hashtags a bit and use them as per your industry’s standard. Place the ones that actually stand out and support your brand and content. You must utilize this feature to your utmost advantage, as Instagram allows one to add up to thirty hashtags per post.  

Have your own Branded Hashtags

Just adding popular hashtags is not enough to increase Instagram followers, especially in 2021, where everyone is promoting business online. What you can do? You can have your own branded hashtags by creating as well as promoting your own hashtag. It can be brand-specific, or even for a specific campaign. This is a very good way to enhance your Instagram presence and market new campaigns    

Having a campaign-specific, or brand-specific hashtag can encourage people to even use it on their Instagram post content. Using these hashtags gains you free user-generated content as well as publicity that helps you reach more audience and get more organic Instagram followers.

Host a Contest

Another tried and tested way to gain more Instagram followers is to announce a contest. Sounds like a cheap trick, but various brands and marketers use this strategy and have obtained immediate results. 

It is quite easy, you just have to host the contest and ask the audience to follow you and tag their friends to participate. The caption that accompanies the contest post must be catchy and appealing, encouraging people to tag appropriate people who might actually be interested in your brand.

Improve your Captions

Captions have a key role to play when you post anything. Relevant and innovative captions give you a chance to engage your present audience as well as encourages them to refer you to their friends. So use this opportunity to your advantage and can get followers organically for free

There are several things that you can do with your Instagram captions such as start a conversation, ask questions, tag people, etc. The more the people are engaged and comment, there are chances that their friends will join the discussion.

As per your campaign you can ask your follower to tag their friends as well as can offer discounts in order to promote the same. Always remember to tell the behind the scene story of the picture, or video you are sharing, as that will get more engagement as well as Instagram followers for free

Be Part of Popular Discussions

Now with the post and caption, you have sparked one side of the conversation, but this is not all. As you are presenting the story you should also be a part of that discussion. If the conversation has been started by someone in your place that the audience is taking interest in, it is good for you to comment and join in.  

You never know, some people may be impressed and opt to check out your Instagram profile and follow you. 

Take Advantage of your Location

Add local hashtags as well as geotag your work on Instagram. Focusing on the local audience adds value to your business. You can do it in two ways that are by geotagging your post as well as by using local hashtags.

You can attract the local audience by adding geotags to your Instagram content. There a lot of people who search for local content using the Instagram search option by adding geotags to their search. Add location to your post content and get featured whenever someone searches the content on Instagram using location.

Also adding local hashtags can help you reach out to people. Many people follow local hashtags on Instagram. In this way, you can attract the local crowd to your profile as well as get more followers on Instagram.    

Keep a watch on your Tagged Photos

It is necessary to maintain a good reputation if you want to get more Instagram followers. One of the ways to do so is to keep track of what kind of posts your brand is getting tagged in. From your Instagram profile, people can see all the posts that you were tagged. 

So, know how important it is to keep tabs on who is tagging you and what kind of posts. To manage your tags you can change the settings so that you can only allow the post you want to show or use the “edit tags” option.

Have Call-to-Action (CTAs) Content

There are various options on Instagram that allow you to add call-to-action to your content. You should utilize these options to attract more audience to your content. Whether it is “shop now”, or “swipe up to know more” on your story, CTAs can help you get the desired action.

If that is not possible, you can simply add CTA to your captions by requesting the audience to share your content or visit your profile. Whatever action you want your audience to take you can mention it there.   

Encourage Influencers

There are a lot of influencers who have a significant amount of followers. These audiences are engaging and loyal than everyone covets to have. You can encourage these influencers in order to get access to their followers and then convert them into your followers.

As you approach the influencer, it is important to keep in mind that, they are the ones who are from a similar place and relevant to your business. As far as all these criteria are fulfilled, you should not have any issue in engaging influencer marketing as a sure-sort way to increase Instagram followers.

Invest in Instagram Ads

No list of tips is complete without advertising. To get more Instagram followers one of the traditional ways is to advertise. Gaining more followers for your brand, your company must be willing to invest in it.

This isn’t like posts or stories, which are visible only to the present audience. Instagram ads are shown to a much vast and relevant audience. You can target segment or reach masses of the audience of a particular demographic by investing in Instagram ads

Thus, as Instagram continues to gain popularity, these were a few ways to increase followers for your business. Build a strong Instagram presence by adapting the right strategies and techniques. 

Always remember the combination of innovative content, targeting the right people by promoting the business in the right manners will surely boost your brand. Grow your Instagram account with the above tactics and you will certainly increase Instagram followers in 2021.

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