Indian Brands Riding The Wave With Meme Marketing

With emerging cut-throat competition, everyone since the pandemic has moved to digital marketing to promote their brands. But is it easy? Not really, it is as vast as one can cover across the globe; and the best means as well as with maximum numbers social media platforms, do stand first.

Social media marketing has played an important role in brand or business empowerment in the last few years. Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap-chat, and others have emerged not only to keep in touch with people and posting but has now proved to be a beneficial asset for the business of all shapes and size. Social media platforms have offered marketers and advertisers an aid to promote their campaigns with the help of sponsor content, which users usually ignore or skip and keep scrolling. Not helping! Right. There is where enters the MEME-man.

Yup!!! Memes, used for making a joke or trolling. But thought that these memes would become a marketing strategy. Memes are not just videos or images or any piece of text anymore. The meme concept took a high road sometime during the 1990s and kept evolving.

Now memes have become a global language, a mainstream, and an amazing tool for marketing. The biggest challenge in meme marketing is that one has to make sure the campaign post or video or text doesn’t come as direct promotion, unlike regular campaigns.

How is Meme Marketing Riding the Brands?

Memes, just go viral in few minutes, or sometimes it is just a matter of seconds. It took a fraction of time for the marketing experts to identify the power of memes. What do you expect, for your brand to reach the targeted audience and that they acknowledge them; what can be better than a trending image, text, or video. The experts have come to an agreement that memes being the language of millennial’s can sure do wonders in order to boost a brand.

The culture of meme marketing has given waves to brands and companies, though they hardly promote the brand directly but instead stress on a particular emotion. The key advantage of memes is that they are viewer driven rather than some crafty marketing plot. Memes can easily make any brand, concept, product, or character popular within a few hours or minutes as compared to other marketing campaigns.

According to statistics, as of 2020, Indians were the largest users of social media platforms. An average user spending around three hours a day on social media. With a large number of social media users, it is quite stress-free for companies to communicate with the audience. As much as Indians are known for the jugaads, they are quite spontaneous when it comes to forwarding any text, image, or video. This makes memes a powerful medium for marketing in India.

With digital marketing at the urge of becoming the most effective mode of advertising, meme marketing has quite affected the psychology of the viewer and help in brand communication. To enhance the brand and reach out to the targeted audience meme marketing has been proved to be a pro.

With too many social media users, Indian marketers have effectively adapted the meme marketing culture. Providing a gig, a wave meme marketing is riding various Indian businesses and taking them forward in the path to success. Here are a few examples of Indian companies/ brands using meme marketing    

Zomato: Targeting the usual feeling of Indian households while adding ingredients this food delivery platform amended the strategy of meme marketing with hilarious illustrations.

Brand Factory:

Brand Factor adapted meme marketing and improved its position in the market with funny memes calling out for you.

ALT Balaji:

Not so famous, AltBalaji, walked the path of meme marketing to promote some of their shows by using clips from the show.

Disney Hotstar:

Now one of the leading OTT platform also promoted its shows with memes and thought that it will deliver its CTA effectively.

Edelwise Tokio Life Insurance:

Entertainment portals using memes for promotions is quite understandable but it is quite a surprise to know that an Insurance brand, Edelweiss Tokio, making use of quirky memes for their campaigns.

As the brands are improvising their advertising tactics, it can be said that meme marketing can be a goldmine. With the above instance, the ocean of meme culture is just at the shore and can sail further. The power of meme marketing has proved its worth and it will interesting to see that how far and how innovative this language of marketing will ride the brands.

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