7 Reasons Why You Should Shift To a Digital Restaurant Menu

With the growth of this modern technological era where everything gets
digitized, why are the restaurant menus left behind? Replacing the
restaurant menus hard copies with the Virtual Restaurant menu would benefit you in more than one way. Not only is it cost-effective because you won’t have to print menus any time you make the slightest adjustment, but its also pleasing to the eyes because your buyers can see the whole menu in one sight, which in turn can help you sell.
For various reasons, the Digital restaurant menu has an upper hand over the traditional restaurant menu. Given that most restaurants automate their restaurant operations through robust restaurant management software, the transition is also easy to make. The key reasons why a digital restaurant menu change is a must:

1.Dependence on manpower reduced: Digital Restaurant Menu

Automation frees reliance on workers at all times and eliminates dependency on external forces such as the manpower. If you have an e-menu on each table, your servers don’t need to take orders down, which in turn will help to free them and reduce the need to schedule servers during peak hours.

This not only reduces your need to tap the right restaurant staff, and then
train and retain them, it also reduces the scope of errors while taking
orders and the instances of misplaced orders. Because it is your customers
who place the order the risk of delivering a wrong order to the customers
will be almost negligible. The Digital Restaurant menu is a very precise
system and leaves little room for error.

2.Quick Upgrade Menu: Digital Restaurant Menu

Once the digital restaurant menu is incorporated with the comprehensive POS systems, all menu changes related to menu items and pricing can be
controlled remotely so that all or only a few restaurants selected (if a chain) are updated on the e-menu.

3.Improves customer satisfaction: Digital Restaurant Menu

The digital restaurant menu is of great benefit to your restaurant, as it
will improve your entire guest experience. It will cause your food items to
look more appealing with a stellar HD picture displayed on the tablets.
You’ll also be fitted with your interactive restaurant menu to recommend
food items to customers according to what they’ve been browsing or guide
them to the most popular dishes for the week. It means your interactive
restaurant menu will give your customers a customized experience.

It will even help to reduce the estimated waiting time for customers. It,
therefore, gives customers a reason to look at the screen for more than the
planned time, thereby giving the restaurant another chance to move into
promotional or other branded material. Overall, it ensures you have a
healthy conversation with your customers throughout their restaurant stay, while they are eating or waiting for the food to be served.

4.Price Effective: Digital Restaurant Menu

Unlike a conventional static menu board, costs can be minimized by
minimizing the need for menus design, printing, shipping, and reprinting
once promotional products are added. Once you have designed, installed, and integrated your digital restaurant menu with your POS, keeping it as simple as uploading pictures and posting to any of the platforms on social media.
Since it is simple to edit a digital restaurant menu, it allows your café
or restaurant to be versatile in your offerings – for example, changing
your food to match the latest trends or any seasonal festivities.

5.Analytics of real-time data for your business:

Information monitoring is extremely necessary for all businesses and
therefore restaurant business is no exception. Using a digital restaurant
can help you track the dishes we’re famous for the week automatically, and also help you track the exact time when the said dishes were being sold the most.

You can effectively predict these potential demands with such data in hand
to ensure that your kitchen never runs stock during the predicted time span
and thereby prevents your restaurant from losing valuable sales. It will
not only allow you to order what is needed, but it will also allow you to
reduce the amount of waste produced in the kitchen and the production costs involved in purchasing the raw materials accordingly.

6.Remote Audit: Digital Restaurant Menu

If you have a chain restaurant or multiple franchisee outlets and are
unable to be physically present at your restaurant, it is highly
recommended that you have a digital restaurant menu that is integrated with your POS restaurant. Maintaining consistency is of the utmost importance when running a chain restaurant or franchise. And many times it’s seen that a franchise could just start selling items other than the prescribed items as the owner is not in the outlet physically there. To secure yourself against any such circumstances, you must have a digital restaurant menu, as you can search the items sold remotely. Moreso, because it’s built into your restaurant POS, none of your restaurant chain outlets can sell things behind your back other than those that have been patched beforehand.

7.Upselling: Digital Restaurant Menu

Upselling is an art not everybody can master. Although upselling is a very
important part of helping your restaurant get the extra bucks, it can be
tiresome to train your staff in effective ways. Make no worries! The Digital restaurant menu can very effectively come to your rescue. Once you
have these digital menus integrated with your POS, these digital screens
display complimentary items. The HD screens give your viewers a much better and cleaner look, compared to the static images in your traditional menu. Burger King deployed digital menu boards across London and Birmingham in 2010, resulting in a sales increase of 64 percent in just 12 months. With the huge technological advancement and its increasing effect on the restaurant industry, you will lose out to your rivals if you adhere to the conventional static menu boards on many prospective clients. It is highly recommended for you to make that quick shift to the digital menu boards to streamline all of your operations.

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